About us

About Us

HNV Wellness is a Body Mind and Soul clinic and Health Retreat, was established with the purpose to provide a healthy lifestyle to all health-conscious individuals and improve their quality of life through Various non-medical therapies.

At HNV Wellness we approach the body as a whole and treat it holistically on various levels of individuals Health – Physical, Mental, and social well-being and another facet of the human existence of Spiritual well-being.

HNV Wellness Clinic believes in the prevention of disease and aims to achieve good results for people with chronic diseases through detoxification of the body and modification of lifestyle, with a holistic approach.

Ethos is Returning to Nature – Undo the years of not living with optimal health by giving the body a chance to heal itself with the enormous power of nature. Given a chance, the body has tremendous power of healing itself.

Six principles we follow

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